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CP Client Spotlight: Chuck Abdalian



I’d like to introduce the CP community to Chuck.  After surveying the staff for their own Chuck fun facts, I quickly learned that he’s gained a Chuck Norris-like persona around CP.  Among the tidbits I came across, my favorites included:


–  Chuck Abdalian shaves his head twice daily

–  Chuck Abdalian holds the gym record for fist-bumps with CP staff during a single training session (174)

–  Chuck Abdalian keeps caffeine up at night

–  Chuck Abdalian can execute a Turkish Getup with a 16kg kettle bell (likely the only true statement I collected)


Since the majority of these facts are useless, it is best that we move on to some actual Chuck information.  Here’s a little look into his training world.  Enjoy!




Q: How long have you been training?

I started training when I was 14, running a mile and lifting weights on alternate days. I have been training for most of the last 50 years.


What is your long-term training goal?

After high school sports, my training goal was to stay in the best shape I could within the time constraints of my professional career.


What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is the overhead forward lunge along with the deadlift and glute hamstring raise.


What is your least favorite exercise?

I have not met an exercise I do not like, but I have been heard cursing the Prowler on some humid days.


What is your most memorable accomplishment (training, personal, professional, etc) since joining CP?

When I started at CP 3 years ago I could not stand up straight due to a lower back injury. Leading up to my injury were years of running and biking 1,500 to 2,000 miles a year and lifting weights 3 times a week. I was in great shape, but my body was unbalanced, which contributed to my injury. So, my most memorable accomplishment since joining CP is the remediation of my injury, I now stand up straight! I am also in better overall shape – the CP Team has restored my athletic agility. I train 5 times a week and have gone over 1,000 days without an injury since coming to CP. I am now starting my 51st year of training.


What does being part of the CP Family mean to you?

Being a part of the CP Family is very unique. I look forward to my training sessions and have missed very few workouts since coming to CP.


The CP Staff and clients truly become your family and friends, since we all share a common goal and passion. The goal is Excellence through hard work fueled by determination. No matter what age group client’s fall into – from 10-year-old boys and girls to senior men and women athletes – we are all striving to continuously discover, develop and push our potential. The sign over the entrance to the CP facility states, “Discover your potential” and the next sign you see when entering the gym is “Excellence Starts Here”. That says it all. There is never a display of ostentatious “Attitude” by clients or staff, but from the friendly banter, you know the people surrounding you share your passion and display an inner intensity and drive to “leave it all in the ring” to quote Bob Costas tribute to Joe Frazer’s professional attitude.


Belonging to the CP Family is powerful – some regular clients drive one and a half hours to regularly train. That is a real testament to the CP Team.


What is your favorite CP Family moment?

On the Columbus Day holiday a few years ago, a CP client, a professional rugby player, came in with his girl friend as a guest. She was a model and athlete, in better shape than anyone at CP! She wanted her work out recorded for professional purposes. On of my favorite interns of all time, Kyle, a real character, was assigned the task of recording her workout. The expression on his face was priceless as he went about his assigned task. Of course, this was a singular and ironic occurrence at CP, which made it special. Usually the only videotaping going on is of a pitcher’s mechanics or New Balance filming a commercial. We all shared something in common with the CP guest that day – we shared excellence and determination.




Having trained in other gyms, what makes the training environment at CP unique?

I have enjoyed a long professional career and have worked with a broad spectrum of fellow professionals. In my opinion, the CP Team are first class professionals with a deep knowledge and passion for what they do. This attitude infuses the training facility and their clients. The CP Team ranks with the best professionals I have worked with, hands down. I have seen first hand the impact on young athletes. As an example, I have watched the development of a determined young man from the time he was an 11 years old skinny kid. He is now 14. He has become very strong, athletic, quietly confident and even more determined. He displays exceptional deportment and character. He embodies the CP philosophy “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.”


Finally – no curls allowed. Don’t let Eric catch you doing a curl! Now that is as unique as all of the CP Staff wearing tee shirts with sleeves!


What would you say to those who think that CP is only for baseball players?

Functional training forms the base for all sports specific training, so CP is not just for baseball players. I have worked out with not only professional baseball players, but also rugby players, softball players, Olympians, professional women football players, as well as grade school, high school and college athletes representing all sports and of course senior athletes and that occasional model.



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