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CP Client Spotlight: Meet Stacie!



Having trained with us for close to six months, Stacie now has a great feel for the ins and outs of CP.  Here’s a closer look at who she is, why she trains, and what being a member of the CP Family means to her.




What is your long-term training goal?


Regarding appearance, my long-term goal is to be at a healthy weight for my body type while also feeling good about how I look.  I am more focused on loving my body and feeling comfortable in my skin than weighing a certain amount.  My strength goals are to do 10 push-ups from the floor, 5 unassisted chin-ups, dead-lift more than twice my bodyweight, and put my best guy friend to shame by out-lifting him at anything.


What is your favorite exercise?


It really depends on what kind of mood I am in.  I really like lifting heavy.  I can deadlift more than my bodyweight now.  I also really like bench pressing because it’s challenging.  It takes a lot longer for me to be able to increase the weight for bench presses than it does for other heavy weight exercises.  Adding 5, 10, 20+ pounds to squats, deadlifts or hip-thrusts is usually no big deal, and I can do it often.  With a bench press, I’m lucky if I can add 5 pounds every other week.  I see guys benching extreme amounts of weight and I’m just like “whoa..”.  I understand the difference in upper-body strength between men and women, so when I increase the weight by even 5 pounds, I’m excited about it!  I also love to slam med balls and hit the tire with a sledgehammer…both options are great stress relievers!


Stacie 2


Do you have a least favorite exercise?


There aren’t a lot of exercises I don’t like, but one that comes to mind would be the reverse lunge from a deficit.  I haven’t had them in my program for a while (let’s keep it that way, Tony!), but I would rather push the prowler on the sticky rubber mats if given a choice between the two.  You can quote me on that.  Also, I’m not a big fan of shuffling across the turf.  I’ll do it, but I look like a fool.


What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining CP?


I have a few!

I finally graduated college in December and made Dean’s List for last semester.  It was the most academically successful semester I ever had.  For health and personal reasons I also made the decision to stop drinking alcohol after just two weeks at CP and have been sober ever since.  I have lost about 15lbs and am able to fit into smaller clothes.  I can finally do a few push-ups from the floor which was something I really wanted to accomplish from the start of my training.

All of these accomplishments have resulted in a massive increase in my overall self-confidence.  I’m learning to love my body even though it hasn’t reached its full potential yet.  I have learned to live in the moment and appreciate myself for who I am today, even if I’m not yet who I want to be.  Strength training has made me stronger physically, and I’m also a lot stronger mentally.

Lastly, I think it’s really important to take note of small accomplishments.  When I first started training I asked the same questions over and over again:


What’s the proper form for this exercise?  Am I doing this right?  How do I hold this?  How do I move this?  Where does this go?  


I had to be told and shown the same things several times before I finally understood and remembered how to do them on my own.  I’d say that learning how to use the equipment properly is really an accomplishment on its own.   It feels good to finally know my way around the gym.


What does being part of the CP Family mean to you?


I get fist-bumps and high-fives from trainers, encouragement from interns, and Tank’s friendship (as long as I bribe him with treats).  It all adds up to incredible, undying support from an amazing staff.  It means I never feel stupid for asking a stupid question.  Even though I’m not one of CP’s target clients (baseball players), I never feel like an outsider.


Stacie 3


What are your favorite CP Family moments?


I could go on all day with these…

Any time the coaches break out their “dance” moves.

Whenever I turn around and realize Tony is RIGHT behind me and has been secretly watching me “like a ninja” (his words, not mine).

When one of the pro baseball players was doing seal walks and he started barking like a seal.

The first time Tank was really excited to see me.

Any time I see another girl!


Having trained in other gyms, what do you think makes the training environment at CP unique?


No mirrors…motivating music…great people…knowledgeable staff…lack of cardio equipment…individualized programming…and greetings from a dog.  Those are the big ones for me.


Do you have an all time favorite intern?


How am I supposed to answer this?!?!

I really like all of the interns I’ve met, past and present.  I miss Nikki a lot, though.  She was really positive and gave me a lot of encouragement.   I’ll always remember how she used to “kick” my heels whenever I pushed the prowler and was about to give up before reaching the end.  She never let me quit.


What would you say to those who think that CP is only for baseball players?


I originally thought that, too, but it’s not!  Yes, the majority of people who train there are young, male athletes.  However, I have seen people of all ages training at CP.

Many of my female friends have wondered how I could train in a gym full of guys (often the only girl there) and not be intimidated.  I explain that every client is treated the same, so I never feel out of place.  You really have to experience it first-hand to truly understand what the atmosphere is like.    I’ve brought two female friends to CP to train with me for a day and they both absolutely loved it.



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