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One-Time Consultations


We understand that training as a regular client at Cressey Performance is not geographically feasible for many individuals, and with that in mind, our staff is available for one-time in-person consultations and short-term training stints. These visits may include (but are certainly not limited to) movement assessments, technique coaching, and program critiques. All individuals who visit for these consultations at Cressey Performance receive detailed, individualized feedback based on Eric’s findings and, if desired, comprehensive programming.

Please email cresseyperformance@gmail.com for further details.


The term genius is thrown around far too loosely in every field. But to say that Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore are geniuses of the strength training and performance enhancement game is an understatement. I’m proof that their programming and philosophy are magical.

Before discovering Eric and CP, I was a 30-something desk jockey whose main concern was being lean while developing bigger arms and a solid chest. High reps and medium weights, however, were getting me nowhere. But after spending an entire weekend reading Eric’s articles on tmuscle.com, I saw the light with his philosophy: Get strong first, and all of my other goals will fall into place.

It made perfect sense. I knew then that Eric was the guy I wanted to design my program.

The two days I spent at CP forever opened my eyes. I learned to stop working out and start training, realized what true intensity meant, and the staff helped me shore up (more like overhaul) the technique on all of my major lifts.

I arrived at CP a 6’5”, 204-pound weakling with a ton of structural issues; I left knowledgeable and confident that I could reach my goals, thanks in part to Eric’s “focus on what people can do, not what they can’t do” approach.

In the few short months since that initial visit, I’ve been blown away by the progress that Eric’s programming has provided. My deadlift and squat are up over 100 pounds, my max-rep pull-ups have gone from zero to eight and my bench is up 33 percent. (See? Magic!)

Most important, however, my posture is no longer Neanderthalish, I’m stronger, faster and leaner than I’ve ever been, and trainers ask me who designs my workout. Not to mention, I feel healthier overall and have the added mobility and stability as proof.

Before CP, I’ve never considered being an online client. But these guys are prompt in answering my questions—and there are many — consistent in providing feedback, including positive reinforcement, and are incredibly easy to work with and fun.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading various coaches’ training philosophies and programming — and have even tried several well-known programs over the last year — but none gave me the results that Eric’s has provided.

When friends ask how happy I am with my “personal trainer,” I say two things: (a) What Eric and Tony do is more “life changing” than training and (b) CP is the only facility on earth that I would trust to create my programming.”

Ronell Smith 
Orlando, FL