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After completing my first full season of professional baseball, I realized the mental and physical toll it took on my body. I made a commitment to return to spring training in the best shape of my life and Cressey Performance allowed me to do just that. I trained muscles I never knew I had and managed to put on 6lbs of lean muscle in 3-months while adding over ten inches to my vertical jump. In doing so, I became a better athlete and a more efficient thrower. I don’t know where I might be right now without CP. I might be working at a construction site; it’s unbelievable. I can’t stress enough how much this training has meant to my career.”
Tim Collins
Kansas City Royals

When it comes to strength training for baseball players there is no one who rivals Eric and the guys at Cressey Performance. In just five months, I drastically increased the weight on every lift while simultaneously increasing my flexibility. The best part about the strength I gained while working at CP is that it has translated directly to the mound. I am now in the best shape of my life and throwing harder with less effort. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about CP when I was in high school.”
Shawn Haviland
Oakland Athletics Organization

Simply put, the Cressey Performance staff is revolutionizing the way baseball players approach strength and conditioning. I have always asked myself when it came to my baseball career – “Am I doing everything within my power to become the best possible player I can be?” It didn’t matter if I had to go to Africa to find the ultimate place to get better in the off-season. I was going. As soon as I arrived at CP, I became relieved that I finally found the place that will be the foundation on which I confidently prepare for each spring training.”
Chad Rodgers
Minnesota Twins Organization

In a day and age when you read, daily, about players taking ‘shortcuts’ and trying to find the quickest way to ‘get good,’ if you understand anything about the human body and professional sports you know neither of those applies. Eric Cressey is as cutting edge as anyone out there when it comes to throwing a baseball. His insight into not only the bio-mechanics of the action, but in understanding that the kinetic chain is about engaging the entire body and his position-specific workouts are far ahead of their time. He also has great insight into the lives we live as professionals and knows that while nutrition is the foundation of any good athlete, there are ways to be health, and stay healthy. No matter if you’re traveling from Motel 6 to Motel 6 in the NY Penn League, or on charter flights around the AL East, this guy is as good as they come.

In addition to being one of the smartest minds on the planet, he’s as good a person as he is a trainer, if not better. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Eric if you are truly serious about tapping into potential you never knew you had, or pushing yourself to places you never knew you could go.”
Curt Schilling
Member of the ’01, ’04 and ’07 World Champion Diamondbacks and Red Sox

The guys at Cressey Performance identified my weaknesses and provided me with a program designed specifically to address these deficiencies. Since being introduced to CP training philosophies, my flexibility has improved and the strength in my lower-half has shot up. The adjustments they’ve made to my training regimen have finally allowed me to tap into my true baseball potential, taking me from a projected 4th or 5th round pick all of the way to the 1st round of the ’09 MLB First Year Player Draft.”

Chad Jenkins
’09 Toronto Blue Jays 1st Round Draft Pick

What sets Cressey Performance apart from the rest is the time and effort they put into building a relationship with me both inside and outside of their training facility. Where else am I going to find a strength coach willing to run stadiums with me on his day off? The CP staff genuinely cares about me and my career and that went a long way towards gaining my trust as a professional boxer.”
Danny O’Connor
Light Welterweight Professional Boxer
’08 USA Olympic Alternate

Anyone…athlete or non-athlete…who is interested in bettering their physical well-being, should call CP and get involved in their program. Quite simply, in my opinion, they’re the best. The gains made by our clients who have worked with Eric and the rest of the CP team have been remarkable, and have made them better players. The work they’ve done in that gym will absolutely extend their careers. And, Eric’s interest in his clients extends far beyond what they accomplish on the field or in the gym. He cares, and it is clearly evident.”
Joe Bick
President, Pro-Star Management

We feel very fortunate to have discovered Cressey Performance. Our 13 year old son suffered a knee injury requiring surgery and we all watching agonize through a year of no pitching and no baseball. We made a decision to find the most advanced baseball strength and conditioning program around to guide his physical and mental conditioning so that he might return to playing competitive baseball at a higher level without limitations.

CP developed a unique, multi-dimensional approach to strength and conditioning for serious baseball athletes from high school prospects to MLB professionals. We’ve been most impressed with the quality of guidance, education and encouragement given to each athlete training at CP.

We feel strongly he’s in the best hands with the CP staff and program!”
Nichols Zavolas & Suzie Day
Acton, MA