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Parents of CP Athletes

As parents of an aspiring baseball pitcher, we naturally had three concerns during his high school years: (1) that our son’s training regimen be tailored to the demands of playing baseball and more specifically, to pitching, (2) that the training regimen do him no harm, and (3) that our son’s trainers provide him with good counsel and be great role models for him both in and outside the gym.
Cressey Performance excelled in all three dimensions.
First, the trainers at Cressey devised an extremely intelligent training program for our son, which transformed him into D1 baseball-ready form. He received numerous compliments from his college coaches for being in great shape when he entered their PAC-10 program in the Fall.
Second, Cressey was very sensitive to assessing our son’s physical capacities and never pushed him, or allowed him to push himself, past that threshold. We are convinced that Cressey helped our son elude all kinds of injuries that are so common among untutored high school players.
Finally, the Cressey trainers provided our son with well-informed and eminently sensible advice and supported him strongly in the college recruitment process. He matured as part of the Cressey community, which led to improvements in everything from his diet to his study habits to his grades in school. Cressey enabled him to develop a mental toughness that he has had to draw on as he trains in a D1 program. The fact that Eric, Pete, Tony, Chris, and Greg (fondly known as the “Cressey Crew” to us!) are themselves young and “cool”, and are also extremely hard working and ambitious, helped a great deal. They became our son’s role models and much admired friends.
Our son worked with a number of professional trainers before Cressey, but none that came close to them in terms of professionalism or in helping him to realize his baseball dreams.”
David & Lakshmi Bloom
Weston, MA

We feel very fortunate to have discovered the Cressey Performance Program. Our 13 yr old son suffered a knee injury last year requiring surgery and we all watched him agonize through a year of no pitching and no baseball. We made a decision to find the most advanced baseball strength & conditioning program around to guide his physical and mental conditioning that he might return to pitching and playing competitive baseball at a higher level without limitations.
The CP team developed a unique multi-dimensional approach to strength and conditioning for serious baseball athletes from high school prospects to MLB pro ball players. We’ve been most impressed with the quality of guidance, education and encouragement given to each athlete training at CP. Our son understands the purpose of his individualized training program and is easily motivated by his continued progress and the encouragement he gets from Cressey Program instructors and the high school prospects and MLB pro athletes working out on the training room floor.
We feel he’s in the best hands with the qualified team of strength coaches at CP!”
Nicholas Zavolas & Suzie Day
Acton, MA

As a MLB wife and now a MiLB mom, I know that the difference between having potential and realizing potential can often be as simple as staying on the baseball field and when on the field, in getting the absolute most you can out of the body you have been given. After my son’s first full year in pro ball I was convinced that his off seasons were going to have to be used to build the right body, with USABLE strength and the resilience to stand up to the unique requirements of a hitter who needs to be healthy and strong from March until October (at least). I made it a mission to find someone (I KNEW there had to be SOMEONE) who had studied the different needs of a baseball player (vs. a Bodybuilder, fitness model, runner, football player, etc) and my search led me to Eric Cressey. Five days after the season and before instructs we had flown to Cressey Performance for Dante Jr’s first workout and we haven’t looked back. The results of his first offseason included an education in pre-hab, nutrition, strength and movement training that I believe my whole family will build on for years to come, with the help of Eric and his staff.”
Mariana Bichette